Rufest is a farm based mini festival hosted by Rufus for friends (& friends of friends) that enjoy an alcohol - live music combo.


Rufest will be in Milton Keynes. Exact location can be obtained from Rufus himself or the facebook event page.


Rufest will be held on the 11th August 2012 from 6pm until late... bring a tent, plenty of alcohol
and enthusiasm.


The jokingly named (I promise) Rufest was conceived on the basis that the words we'll do something soon / over summer means nothing until something is organised. It's a tiny 1 day festival starting on Saturday the 11th August 2012 at 6pm and finishing the following day in a field and barn in Milton Keynes... We'll have over 8 live bands playing and a number of DJ's to take us into the early hours.

Now you get the jist, there is a bigger why to answer and that is the cost! It is £5 for one very innocent reason - I (Rufus) have just finished uni and although have the time, enthusiasm and location to host such an event... I haven't the money (or enough of it) to fulfil everything. And that's where all of you keen attendees come in... The money you need to pay, is less than it costs to get into any MK nightclub on a Saturday and promises a much better night.

It will be used to pay for, a substantial generator and the Diesel thereafter to keep everything powered... A nice amount of lights, some portaloos... and to make an otherwise average field and barn look magical. I can promise that IF there is the slightest bit of money left over, it will be used to buy more alcohol or blown in any other way that you tell me is appropriate...

So i'm really sorry, but these 'compulsory donations' are completely, horribly, 100% essential! I hope y'all understand and then buy your ticket! If you have any questions then please feel free to message Rufus on Facebook

Don't forget to bring...

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